CT (Computed Tomography) Imaging

Beacon Veterinary Specialists is proud to offer its patients advanced diagnostic imaging using a computed tomography (CT) scanner, a common diagnostic modality in human medicine that has gained importance in veterinary medicine.

CT uses a thin rotating x-ray beam and computer technology to produce detailed pictures of many parts of the body, and is especially good at imaging the bone and soft tissues. While it does use x-ray technology to produce images, CT scans provide high definition feedback that cannot be seen with x-ray alone. Animals are required to remain completely still for the procedure, so anesthesia is administered following a complete physical examination and blood work to ensure your pet’s safety. A CT scan can take a few minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the exam, the size of the patient, and the number of body regions examined.

Contact us today to learn more. Primary veterinarians, you can refer your patients for advanced diagnostic imaging by using this form.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Do we need a referral from our primary veterinarian in order to have a CT scan performed? Not necessarily. We have performed CT scans for patients who have come in through our emergency service, which does not require a referral to be seen. Typically, patients who undergo CT scans are doing so under the order of one of our board-certified specialists who has recommended it as a diagnostic tool.
  2. Can my veterinarian refer me for a CT scan even if my pet is not a current patient at Beacon Veterinary Specialists? Sure thing! We want to be as helpful as possible to our primary veterinarian partners. Your veterinarian can refer your pets right from our website, using our CT Scan Referral form.
  3. Who will read and interpret the CT results? We partner with PetRays, a veterinary radiology service, which employs board-certified radiologists to read and interpret the images from the scan. Your primary veterinarian can elect to have our team read the images, or they can send the images to a radiologist of their choice at their cost.
  4. How do your prices compare to other practices that offer advanced diagnostic imaging? We’re proud to tell you that our pricing for the CT scan and what is included is extremely competitive in our local marketplace. We’re happy to discuss cost with you; please feel free to call us at 510-657-6343 so we can get to know you.