Compassionate Care for Nervous System and Spinal Conditions


Neurology is the branch of medicine that treats diseases of the nervous system – the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. These conditions can be very debilitating to our companion animals, affecting their ability to perform everyday activities such as walking, standing, going to the bathroom and even eating.

Diagnosing and treating a neurological disorder can be challenging, which is why primary care veterinarians turn to Beacon Veterinary for assistance. Our neurology team, working in conjunction with our surgery, internal medicine, and rehabilitation specialists, provides comprehensive care to help each animal recover as fully as possible, give pets every advantage for optimizing their quality of life, and pet parents peace of mind.

The Conditions We See

*Some diagnostics may be performed at the time of consult, while others may need to be scheduled or performed at another facility

Neurologic conditions typically show up in a pet acutely and urgently. In this complex field, there is little margin for error, making early diagnosis and proper treatment especially important. If your pet is suffering from any of the above issues, ask your veterinarian for a referral today.

Filippo Adamo DVM, Diplomate ECVN

Dr. Adamo graduated from the University of Pisa (Italy) School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. He completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991, followed by a residency in Neurology at the University of Bern, Switzerland. He passed the European College of Veterinary Neurology board examination in 1997 to earn Diplomate status. He became a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology/Neurosurgery at the School of Veterinary Medicine University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI from 2002-2007. Dr. Adamo passed ECFVG certification exam in 2006.

He is the founder of Bay Area Veterinary Neurology/Neurosurgery Consulting and most recently served as Chief of Neurology at East Bay Area Veterinary Specialists & Emergency in Walnut Creek, CA.

A native of Rome, Italy, Dr. Adamo enjoys surfing, skiing and playing soccer with his son, and spending time with their new rescue dog Erica.