How We Hire

It takes a lot more than charm to make the cut. Our recruiting practices ensure that we spend a lot of time getting to know our candidates. Our process, gives us the best shot at ensuring only the best, the brightest, and those most able to complement our team end up joining Beacon.

If we think you might be a fit, this is what you can expect the interview process to look like:

STEP 1 – Application

The submitted application will be reviewed by the recruiting team and the hiring manager.

STEP 2 – Phone Screening Interview

The hiring manager will contact the candidate for an initial phone interview to learn more about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and to discuss the open position and Beacon Veterinary Specialists.

STEP 3 – Reference Checks

The hiring manager will request references.

STEP 4 – In-Person Interview

The hiring manager will meet with the candidate to perform the comprehensive interview.  This may be one-on-one but more often will involve additional supervisors and/or colleagues.

STEP 5 – Paid Working Interview

The working interview provides us the opportunity to observe your skills and ability to execute on your experience.  It also provides both you and us a better understanding of how well you will work with and fit in with potential teams. It is as important for you as it is for us to ensure you will enjoy working at Beacon Veterinary Specialists.  You will be paid for your time spent in the working interview.



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